This 1 day training course is designed for 107 Remote Pilots who are interested in structure aerial inspections. This fast growing and lucrative industry replaces the need for humans to reach hard to access inspection areas, greatly reducing risk exposure and cost while increasing speed, precision accuracy, analyzing and processing data. Drone University USA and its affiliate, Strategic Response Partners (SRP), have partnered together to create this one of a kind training platform thereby providing a pathway for certified UAS/Drone pilots to get started on field assignments. SRP is one of the largest risk and disaster management firms in the nation and have a comprehensive network of vendors for disaster response and property restoration resulting from fire, water, wind, hail, storm, earthquake damage, and other event driven disasters. Through our partnership we are able to provide properly trained and certified pilots to clients around the country.

Students are instructed on the basic elements of professional aerial inspections to provide audits of roof and other building/structure assets, mapping and modeling, remote sensor technology and using third party providers for data processing.


UAS/Drone Structure Inspector Certification course curriculum includes;

  • Roof and complete exterior inspections
  • Infrastructure inspections (bridges, dams, cellular towers, buildings, power line, wind turbine and other vertical assets)
  • Autonomous flight applications and how to use them
  • Collecting, processing and storing high resolution data
  • Structure aerial inspection maneuvers (live flight training)
  • Close proximity flight procedures
  • Intro to multi spectral remote sensors including Infrared (IR), Thermal, LIDAR, 3D mapping and Volumetrics.
  • Equipment requirements, maintenance and sensors
  • Identifying industry contacts and what to charge for your services
  • Full access to our Chief Instructor for all questions after graduation
  • Certificate of Completion


Classes are held on a regular basis at our Sacramento, CA training base.

Cost for UAS/Drone Structure Inspector Certification: $990.00

For a limited time Drone University USA is offering enrolled UAS/Drone Structure Inspector Certification students a $50.00 referral fee for each referred new student that completes the same training course.

Students who enroll in any other Drone University USA training course, in addition to this course, will receive a $100 discount.

Classes are limited to sixteen (16) students to maintain a low student to instructor ratio. This ensures that our students experience personal hands on training with our instructors.