FAA Announces New No Drone Zones Over Monuments










The FAA has made a list of national monuments and historic sites off limits to drones within 400 feet of the lateral boundaries, citing concerns by the Department of the Interior (DOI.)  The FAA says that it will consider adding more sites to the list of 10 published yesterday as other federal agencies request […]

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Drones Deliver Storm Response

In the aftermath of two major hurricanes, drones were deployed in unprecedented numbers to search for victims, assess critical infrastructure, and support live television coverage. Successful deployments cemented a perception of drones as tools for public benefit.

Not long after Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys and moved north, bringing torrential rain, damaging winds, and […]

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The Best Places to Fly During the Solar Eclipse

The first total eclipse in 38 years will take place on August 21st, and drone operators are getting ready.  While the eclipse offers a unique opportunity for some beautiful images, it’s important that the drone community fly safely and in accordance with federal and local regulations.  To help all of the operators who plan […]

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7 Common Questions About Drones in Agriculture

Source- Dronelife
As we head into July, growers across the Northern Hemisphere are busy monitoring the growth of their crops, applying nutrients, fertilizers and pesticides, and beginning to estimate their yields for the season. More and more of them are using drones to help them gather information — and when we talk to these growers, there are […]

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DUU Announces New UAS/Drone Structure Inspector Certification

Drone University USA (DUU) and Strategic Response Partners (SRP) announce the launch of multiple certification training’s specifically tailored for the fast growing, aerial roof measurement and building inspection market. This lucrative industry replaces the need for humans to reach hard to access inspection areas, greatly reducing risk exposure and cost while increasing speed, precision […]

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FAA Making Progress With 107 Waivers (COW’s)- BVLOS and Operations Over People

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued just under 1,000 Certificates of Waiver (COW) to UAS 107 operators as of June 12th, 2017. By far, the largest total of COW’s granted have been for FAR 107.29- Daylight Operation or the ability to operate at night. The good news is the FAA has begun issuing […]

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DUU Joins Menlo Park Fire District for Inaugural UAS/Drone Fire Symposium

Drone University USA was honored to join the FAA, NASA, FEMA and first responders from around the country in the Bay Area recently for the first annual UAS/Drone Fire Services Symposium hosted by the Menlo Park Fire District (MPFD). MPFD has been implementing its program over the past 3 years and […]

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5 Tips To Marketing Your Drone Business


Miriam McNabb is the CEO of JobForDrones, an online marketplace for commercial drone operators and customers.

In my role as a contributing editor at DRONELIFE, I get a lot of exposure to what drone customers need.  At the recent AUVSI Xponential Conference in Dallas, I presented a session about getting more customers for your drone business: […]

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DUU Wins Approval for Veterans Benefits Administration Funding

Drone University USA (DUU) has been approved by the Veterans Benefits Administration for full tuition funding of all DUU certification courses. “The Veterans Administration has recognized the high quality of DUU’s training certifications and we are excited to finally be able to offer all of our courses to veterans who have served our country. […]

By |May 17th, 2017|Uncategorized|0 Comments Launches Flight Deck for Real-Time Drone Operations

Kittyhawk ( announces Flight Deck: a new feature that brings in-flight controls and functionality in real time to the Kittyhawk platform. Every day, thousands of pilots rely on Kittyhawk for everything from pre-flight planning and checklists to post-flight logging and intelligence. Kittyhawk’s Flight Deck removes the need for switching between apps during an operation, […]

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